All your Questions Answered

Where are we based ?

In Listowel town, County Kerry, Ireland.

What is sustainable bridal wear?

Sustainable bridal wear can be anything from pre-loved to re-purposed, vintage, sustainably made or made from sustainable materials. In our case we rent items with in it self is very sustainable.

What Styles do you have?

Currently we have 1940’s, 1960’s, 1970’s dresses right up to modern day dresses, some linen, some lace, others silk and a beautiful beaded one. The line will increase in era and style with demand.

Why do you do Vintage?

I have a love of Vintage Bridal from my own experience wearing a vintage wedding dress. I love the idea of giving these beautiful dresses another go at life and not to leave them hidden away or boxed up for many years.

Will all your dresses be Vintage ?

No, I will carry all sorts of sustainable bridal wear. Pre-loved, sustainably made and made from sustainable materials, locally made and produced.

What designers do you carry?

Currently I have two 1960’s New York Designers, Murray Hamburger and Larry Aldrich and some hand made vintage and other more modern designers.

What sizes do you carry?

Currently and due do the vintage market sizes being so limited I only have small dresses available, but I am constantly on the hunt for different styles and sizes.

How Long can I borrow the items for?

All items can be hired on a 2 nightly basis. This is absolutely negotiable and can differ depending on the bride and location.

If longer is needed there will be an agreed daily charge of €30 euro extra will be added and if no prior contact has been made a cost of €50 per day will be added.

How can I book the items for my wedding?

You make a booking to try on the items and you can then make a decision when you are ready and I will send on all the contract details to be agreed on and signed.

How do I prepare for a Fitting?

Please do not Wear….. fake tan, it is a big no no.

No make up.

No scent, such as perfume or deodorant.

Bring shoes you are wearing on your big day or similar heal size.

Bring any accessories you already have to wear so you can get an idea if they will match the dress.

Nude and/or strapless underwear would be ideal and any shapewear you may be wearing. A nude silk slip is also advised.

Please bring an open mind. These dresses are very different, unique and one if a kind and will not be to everyone’s taste.

What are the cost of renting the items?

Veils and trains from €75 to €125

Dresses from €350 to €500

How do I pay?

Bank transfer with the cost of rental and deposit.

Deposit will be transferred back once the dress has been assessed for damage.

Is there a deposit?


€500 for dresses and €200 for other items

Do you alter the dresses?


Due to these dresses being of fine detail and some over 50 years old, no alteration will be permitted.

What happens if the item is damaged or lost?

The damage will be assessed and repaired. The cost of repair will be deducted from the deposit. It will all be very transparent.

If the item is lost and/not returned, No deposit will be returned to you.

Who has the dry cleaning costs and responsibility ?

The dry cleaning is included in the price of rental.

Do you deliver?

No. Currently only pick up available during day time business hours but can be discussed.

How do I return the items?

That will be your responsibility.

The best way though is to have a courier organized to pick it up the morning after the wedding. We did it for our rented groom and groomsmen suits etc and it worked perfectly.

Can I cancel the order?


But, if it is within 2 months of the original date there will be a €150 fee

Do you purchase bridal items from other brides?

Yes. I would love to if they are suitable. Please feel free to email the details of the dress with pictures.

Do you sell dresses?

Not yet !

Are the dresses in good condition?

Yes, but with all Vintage, pre-love and multi worn items, Minor flaws are to be expected, which adds to the story and allure of these decades old dresses.