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Rubistyle Photography

Amy is creative wedding photographer from Melbourne, Australia, but is based in the Midlands of Ireland since 2001.

Her Parents were both artists and she studied fine art and film photography at university before moving to Ireland. She has over a decade of Experience photographing weddings and the driving belief behind her work is that each wedding story is unique, and therefore she approaches each on with an open mind and a creative eye.

Her style is creative and artistic, sometimes surreal and sometimes quirky !!!

She has spoken and taught her craft all over Ireland since 2018, she has won numerous awards and is an avid animal lover.

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The Remote Photoshoot.

Amy has joined up with The Sustainable Bride to produce the first Remote Branding Photo shoot in Ireland. Remote Photography is an extremely sustainable way of capturing shots. There is no travel involved and as long as you are organized it takes very little time.

We set up the scene and shot, I had my camera phone ready on a tripod and then she remotely took over my phone through a specialty app and snapped the pictures. She guided me through each set up as she could see the photos on her end. It was truly a unique and interesting way of photography.

Amy in her own words…..

I do like to document moments, especially those you might have missed. I love to photograph pretty details but its not about the shoes and dress, details are so much more than that. What did the sky look like the day you were married? what did it look from the outside, looking in ?

Ultimately, nothing excites me more than the challenge of making something out of nothing. Give me a rainy day, a dark hallway, a carpark or doorway and I’ll find a new perspective. A different way of looking at things. I’ll show you how it felt to me.