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Saora Designs

Meet Carol Hogan, Creator and Founder of Bridal Accessories brand Saora Design. Perpetually creative in all aspects of her life, After returning to study Fashion Design, her creative juices exploded. Having spent her childhood and teens creating, making, and selling Jewellery, Carol decided to kick start her passion again and Saora Design was born.

A Luxury Bridal Accessories brand, specialising in hair pieces. Intricate detail is used with natural, soft colour palettes. A range of flowers made from porcelain sculpted by hand with delicate details feature in most of her hairpieces. Each piece is made with a  true labour of love Inspired by the textures of nature. 

Carol describes her work as ‘Timeless elegance’. Lots of gold, silver and simple lines with intricate detail. Elements of the designs are inspired by fashion and textiles.  Carol approaches each and every piece to be created with passion and is happiest when being creative.

Bespoke orders are also a service offered by Saora Design. ‘Anything from Hairpins, earrings and matching brooches can be made for a Bespoke order, the sky’s the limit when creating unique pieces for the finishing touches for your special day’. Creating timeless unique heirlooms is something that makes her very proud and happy.


For Bespoke or any queries relating to pieces get in touch using Instagram @saora_design or email

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