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FiorSó Jewellery

The wonderfully talented Sara Ross is the Founder and Creator at FiorSó Jewellery – an award winning, premium design-led jewellery brand, based in County Kerry. Pronounced “fee-er-so”, the name is a modern fusion of the Irish words Fior meaning “real/true” and  meaning “luxury”. Pieces are designed and made by Sara in her Kerry studio.

The brand creates beautifully crafted earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets using gold and brass, paired with colourful enamels, semi-precious stones and Swarovski Pearls. ‘We create vibrant, confident, contemporary statement jewellery’ notes Sara. And whilst the designs are contemporary, hints of the past can clearly be seen. I draw a lot of inspiration from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras when designing pieces ‘ she adds.

FiorSó’s collections include the Deco Bridal Collection, Deco Classic Collection , Calla Lilies Collection and Reverie Collection.

We often have brides choose our white pieces, and then choose matching pieces in a different colour for their bridesmaids – to match their wedding colour scheme’ says Sara.  

FiorSó was set up in 2021 by Sara. The journey started a few years ago when her youngest child was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  Sara was working as a lawyer at the time, and she took time away from her work to care for her child. At that time she started to seriously think about pursuing her long held passion for creative arts and in particular, jewellery. She launched FiorSó last year following her child’s recovery.  The brand has gone from strength to strength since.

FiorSó has been recognised and won a number of international and national awards, and is stocked in a number of shops in the USA. The brand can also regularly be seen on the catwalk at the Council of Irish Fashion Designers shows.

Importantly FiorSó also follows a Sustainability Policy from production through to packaging, so you can enjoy FiorSó jewellery with a guilt-free conscience.

FiorSó ships worldwide with free shipping. Pieces are available at You can also follow FiorSó on Instagram and Facebook @fiorsojewellery.

Bespoke colours and silver versions can also be discussed.

For queries contact

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