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FiorSó Jewellery

The wonderfully talented Sara Ross is the Founder and Creator at FiorSó Jewellery - an award winning, premium design-led jewellery brand, based in County Kerry. Pronounced "fee-er-so", the name is a modern fusion of the Irish words Fior meaning "real/true" and Só meaning “luxury". Pieces are designed and made by Sara in her Kerry studio. The brand creates… Continue reading FiorSó Jewellery



The "Louise" Dress. Our Lacey Boho Beauty ! "Louise" is a 1960's/1970's Candy Jones of California Lace Boho Style. Candy Jones vintage designs are still highly coveted and this dress is in the style of the era by this well known bridal and gown maker. "Louise" is made of light weight ornate lace with lining… Continue reading “Louise”



The "Julia" Dress. Elegantly simple and delicate! "Julia" is elegance personified made by 1960's designer Murray Hamburger and Co. in fabric of Linen and Lace . She has 2 train panels which are embellished with beautifully detailed floral lace which continues along the waist panel and on to the sleeves. Designer - Murray Hamburger and… Continue reading “Julia”